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How to book an activity

You can book your activity online and receive your voucher via email. Here’s how:

On our website:

  • Find an activity, select the number and type of participants, a date, and a language. Click “Check availability”
  • Choose an option and starting time (if applicable). Click “Add to cart”
  • Review your order. Click “Checkout”
  • Enter your details and select a payment method. Click “Proceed to payment”


  • Availability

Our website show the current availability for all our activities. On the website, simply select the number of participants and date, then click “Check availability”.

The colors make it easy to identify which dates have availability. All dates marked green are available, so you can book the activity for any of these dates. If a date is marked gray, this means that the activity is fully booked, not taking place, or is not yet open for booking on this date.

Please note that to receive accurate availability information, it is important to enter the exact number of people you wish to book for. Availability may change depending on the number of participants you select.

If various time slots are offered, you’ll see which ones are available after selecting a green date. Activities that have opening/operating hours instead of specific time slots can be attended anytime during those hours.

The availability information is continually updated by our local partners. If a date is not yet open for booking (say, because you wish to book well in advance), we would advise you to check again a little closer to the date in question.

Finally, please note that we don’t have waiting lists for our activities, but availabilities can change even at the last minute. So, again, it is always worth coming back to our website or app to check the latest availability information.

  • Pricing logic

Depending on the activity, we offer different prices based on age groups (e.g. child, student, adult, senior). You can see the available pricing options when selecting the number of participants on an activity page. You may need to click “Show more” to see the full list. We are unable to offer different prices based on other critieria (e.g. discounts for disabled persons or military).

For some of our activities, specific age groups might be free of charge without needing a ticket or you might need to book a ticket elsewhere (on the attraction’s website or in person). If this is the case for the activity you’re interested in, you’ll see more information as you’re selecting the number of participants and/or in the “Know before you go” section.

  • Customizing a booking

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize an activity. We can only offer an activity as it is described on our website or app.

If you have a specific request, please feel free to contact us at

Activity information

  • What is included in the activity?

There’s a section explaining what’s included and excluded on every activity page.

  • Activity restrictions and requirements

To see an activity’s requirements and restrictions, please check the following sections on the activity page:

What to bring: Items that are necessary or recommended for the activity.

Not allowed: Items you are not allowed to have with you during the activity and/or any clothing or behavior that are not permitted.

Not suitable for: Persons who may not participate in this activity: for accessibility or safety reasons, an activity might not be suitable for everyone.

About this activity: Is the activity accessible to wheelchair users? If it is, you’ll see a “wheelchair accessible” icon. If this icon is missing, the activity is not accessible for wheelchair users.

Please note that additional information on all the topics mentioned above may also be found in the “Know before you go” section.

If you cannot find the information you need on our website and have already booked the activity, please contact our local partner. You can find their contact details on your voucher.

  • Group size, private and public activities

To know whether there’ll be other people in your activity group, check if it is private or public.

After entering your destination or attraction in the search bar, you’ll see a list of activities. If an activity is tagged as “Private tour” or mentions “Private group”, no other people will join.

as both private and public tours depending on the option booked. In this case you’ll see which option is offered as a private tour at the start of the booking process.

Some of our local partners indicate the possible group size for a public tour. If available, this information can be found in on our website or when choosing a tour option.

  • Duration and start time

Before purchase The duration is found below the title at Timing & Duration

  • Activity itinerary

You can find the description of the itinerary and the stops along the route in the “Itinerary” or  “Details” section on the activity page.

Please note that it is unfortunately not possible to customize an itinerary

Booking confirmation and Vouchers

  • Booking confirmation and voucher

Most of the activities offer instant confirmation, meaning you’ll receive a TriTryp branded PDF voucher immediately by email after your payment has been completed. If the booking needs to be first confirmed by our local partner, you’ll receive your voucher within 48 hours of purchase.

The voucher includes your booking details and important information such as: pickup or meeting point information, if a printed voucher is required, validity period, what to bring to your activity, and your activity’s cancellation policy.

  • Booking confirmation/voucher lost or not received

Most of the activities provide instant confirmation, and we’ll send your voucher automatically from right after purchase. Please make sure to check your spam folder, as sometimes our email can end up there. If the booking needs to be first confirmed by our local partner, you’ll receive your voucher within 48 hours of purchase.

If you’ve lost your voucher, you have the following options to retrieve it:

To resend your PDF voucher, add your booking reference and send it to , and we’ll send the voucher your way via email.

The confirmation email and voucher are usually sent right after your order is confirmed. If you haven’t received it, please check your emails, including your spam folder.

Meeting points and pick up

  • Where can I find my activity’s meeting point information?

You will be asked to provide your accommodation details at the time of booking. Once your booking is confirmed, our local partner will contact you with detailed information regarding your pickup.

If you weren’t able to provide a pickup address at the time of booking, the fastest way to schedule a pickup is to contact the local partner directly. You can find their contact details on the voucher

On the day of activity

  • I can’t find the meeting point. What do I do?

First check the meeting point information on your voucher.

If you’re still unsure, please call our local partner. You can find their phone number on your voucher.

  • I’m running late to my activity. What do I do?

First, please call our local partner. You can find their phone number on your voucher.

  • The driver/guide is not here. What do I do?

Please ensure that you’re at the correct meeting point or pickup location at the right time. You should also check the phone number and email address you provided when booking to see if our local partner has tried to contact you.

Since your driver or guide may not be TriTryp branded, please look for the name of our local partner. It’s mentioned on your voucher.

If you’re still unable to locate your driver or guide, please call our local partner. The phone number is under their name on your voucher

If our local partner doesn’t respond, contact us via phone or chat. Our contact details are at the bottom of the voucher.

Booking Management

  • Reschedule or modifying your booking

You can change the date and/or time add participant of a booking by adding your booking number to an email with the requested changes to

Top of Form

Please note that not all bookings can be rescheduled.

Booking Cancellation

  • Cancel booking

If your activity begins in more than 24 hours, you can instantly cancel by adding your booking reference to an email to

You will receive a full refund directly on the payment method used during the booking. Please note that it will take 5-7 business days to show on your card/account.

  • Cancellation policy

Most of our activities come with a 24-hour free cancellation policy, meaning you can cancel your booking up until 24 hours before the activity starts to receive a full refund.

You’ll find more information regarding your booking’s cancellation policy on your voucher. Your booking will either be fully refundable, partially refundable or non-refundable depending on the local partner’s policy. All cancelable bookings will display a deadline for cancellation on the voucher.

  • Cancellation by local partner

In the unlikely event that our local partner needs to cancel your booking, we’ll do our best to offer an alternative date/timeslot or activity to you. If no alternative is available or acceptable to you, we will cancel and fully refund your booking.

If you’ve received a refund confirmation email from us, your refund will be automatically processed via the same payment method you used to book the activity. You should see it in your account within 3-10 business days.

If our local partner informed you about the cancellation of your booking and you have not received a refund confirmation email from us, please contact us.

Payment & Refunds

  • Pay on arrival

It is possible to pay on arrival with our local partner.

  • Payment problems

If you’re experiencing payment issues, please try the following:

    • Double-check that you’ve entered all your payment details correctly and attempt to pay again
    • Choose a different payment method
    • If you are using a browser: clear your browser’s cookies, cache, and history. You could also try using a different browser

If you are trying to pay with a card, please also check that your card is allowed both international and online purchases. You can usually check this either in the settings of your online bank or by getting in touch with your bank directly.

If your purchase still cannot be completed, we can verify if our system is unable to process your payment for some reason. Please contact us via the contact form below and add the following information to your message:

    • Last 4 digits of the credit card used
    • Name of the card holder
    • Amount you’re trying to pay
    • Currency in which you’re trying to pay
    • Email address used